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And because I need this on my blog forever, myself with Robert and Emilie.

Mr. Carlyle was incredibly gracious and stood, mobbed, in the middle of the lobby taking photos and signing autographs. Thanks to my ratty, I gathered my courage, inched my way forward, and asked him for a photo. At one point, while waiting my turn, Robert happened to catch me staring at him (lol) and we held eye-contact for a few seconds. You know that feeling when your stomach drops on a roller coaster? It felt like that, but it was nothing compared to how it felt when I finally stood in front of him, talking to him, thanking him for all his amazing work, wrapping my arm around him, and looking into his face up close. 100% surprised I didn’t start crying. That man has some soulful, soulful eyes.

Which, he also winked at me. When I was telling him thank you again and drawing away, he sort of grabbed my shoulder and said, “It’s my pleasure,” and freaking winked at me. Sir? Sir, you should be illegal.

Emilie! Oh, Emilie, you thought you were so sneaky, trying to scuttle to the front of the theater to talk to Bobby without being noticed. But the fans always notice, Emilie, and my ratty spotted her right away. We very calmly walked over to where she stood, chatting with Adam and Eddy, and asked her for a photo. She was very kind to oblige, especially since everyone else had taken notice of her by that point. I was finally able to tell her thank you for her beautiful portrayal of Belle, and how much her performance means to me. She gave me a very heartfelt “Thank you!” with this precious look on her face, and I was shaking like a leaf the entire time, ugh. I bet she could feel me shaking when I put my arm around her, siiiiiiiigh.

Yes. ♥

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